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Ultra-high Voltage Start-up controller for 40-5000V AC/DC Power SupplyNov 08, 2018      view:
      MORNSUN recently launched its ultra-high input voltage start-up controller SCM9601A and SCM9602A in SOT-23 package for AC/DC switching power supply. These ICs are well suited for applications such as photovoltaic industry, wind power, high voltage H-bridge. 

      Features of SCM9601A are as follows,
Built-in 700V high voltage transistor that can operate with an input voltage from 40VDC up to 700VDC
▶ The output is a constant charging current into the bypass capacitor of the switching power supply to start the controller chip. After the controller started up, the starter continues to deliver power for some time and increases the capacitive load capability of the power supply.

▶ To avoid damage to the controller and the power system, the SCM9601A can sense the appropriate fault protection mode if VDD bypass capacitor is too small or when the power supply output is in short circuit condition.

     SCM9602A is ideal for ultra-voltage applications such as Photovoltaic. To meet the requirement of photovoltaic industry, SCM9602A and SCM9601A can be used in series so that its input voltage range extends to 40-5000VDC.

SOT-23 package

      For more details and typical application circuit, please refer to the datasheet. 

Please refer to the technical manual for specific product parameters:     SCM9601A     SCM9602A

Product Number:

Series Package Ivdd(min)(mA) Ivdd(max)(mA) Tj(℃) VIN(V) VDD(max)(V) Design Reference Demo-board Datasheet Sample
SCM9601A SOT-23 0.8 4 40~125 40~700 20 1 1 - -
SCM9602A SOT-23 1 4 -40~125 40-700 20 - -
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