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Oiliness control system in mechanical equipment- 16/10/2014

According to statistics, 80% of the mechanical equipment failure is the failure of equipment units wearing, and the quality reduction of the lubricating oil is the main cause of failure of equipment units wearing. For decades, most of the equipment unit has been using a "regular oil change" model, the traditional way lead to two results directly: If the time of changing is short, it will easily lead to waste oil which increase maintenance cost. If the time of changing is long, the quality of oil will reduce and the rate of mechanical parts wear will increase and it will reduce the mechanical life even cause damage to the equipment. Oil Monitoring Analyzer is the device that can have health treatment for lubricating oil. It not only improves system reliability and extends the life of the system, but also reduce the rate of accidents and improve production efficiency.

The module of LH20-10B24 is used to transform the grid of 220VAC to 24V of an isolation voltage for the internal circuits. On the one hand, the power supplies for changing battery which ensure that the device can work for a period of time on the condition of grid outage; on the other hand,the power supplies for sensors and relays and the module of URB2405ZP-6WR2,the module of URB2405ZP-6WR2 is used to avoid the battery voltage of fluctuation when the battery is charging-discharging. And the isolation can reduce the interference when the relays are switching on and off. The CPU and Monitor are powered supply by the 5Vdc isolation voltage. The module of TD501D485H is used to communicate between the system and PC monitor, the PC analysis the date of lubricating oil, and make theoretical criterion of the time how long to change the lubricating oil.

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