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All-rounder 5-15W AC/DC converters simplify your design
Try to design your power units for various applications but fail to meet the strict requirements in the very limited circuit board size, system space and cost? MORNSUN All-rounder 5-15W AC/DC converter LS family is very diverse, compact and highly flexible that easily meets your needs, making your design more simple and reliable. Check them out and see how we can help to bring your smart designs to life.
Advantage of All-rounder LS family
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LS05-13BxxSR2S LS05-15BxxSS LS05-26BxxSS LS08-13BxxSS LS10-13BxxSS LS15-13BxxSS
Ultra-compact size, flexible layout
●   35*18*11/44.5*24*15mm, vertical and 90 degree bent SIP packages are available
●   Can be DIY with the peripheral components and flexible for the PCB layout
●   Unlimited by the structure, improve the utility of space
Controllable cost, high performance
●   Flexible selection of cost-effective peripheral components to achieve controllable service life and cost
●   Multiple circuits available for different environmental applications avoiding cost increase by over-design
●   High power density, low power consumption
●   Easily achieve high performance with simple peripheral circuits
High reliability, good quality
●   Safety isolation voltage up to 4000VAC
●   Output short circuit, over-current, over-voltage protection
●   Meet IEC/EN/UL60335 safety standards, suitable for home appliances
●   Fully automated production line, greater consistency for products, more reliable than DIY solutions
Wide applications, all-rounder
●   Ultra-wide input 85-305VAC
●   Wide operating temperature range -40℃ ~ +85℃
●   Ideal for multiple environmental applications
●   Widely used in multi-industrial as listed above
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More AC/DC solutions you can't miss
Besides the All-rounder AC/DC converter LS family, Mornsun's extensive suite of over 2000 different AC/DC power products that are appropriate for use in a wide variety of applications such as the commercial, industrial environment.
On-board 1-65W AC/DC Converter
Off-board 30-240W DIN-Rail Power Supply 35-350W Enclosed Power Supply
Discrete solution 1-20W LSC and LS AC/DC Converter
1.  4.5V~40V Input, 1A/6A Output, DC/DC Buck IC - SCM13xxA Series
2.  1-3W Ultra-compact Dual-output DC/DC Converter
3.  Adjustable Output Voltage 0 ~±1500V Power Supply - HO1-P(N)xxxxH-0.5C(D) Series
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