DCS Application


Centralized meter reading system can precisely collect all kinds of data of energy meter for water, gas or natural gas, electricity and heat, and analyze the data effectively. Providing a reference for rational allocation of energy thus has been widely used. A typical concentrated meter reading system as shown in figure 1, kind date, including water, gas or natural gas, electricity and so on, will be transmitted to concentrator by PLC, GPRS AND Zigbee and RS485, then concentrator will transmitted date to computer for engineer reference by PLC, GPRS, CAN and the Ethernet.

Power supply mode:

Data collector is general separately designed with electric meter, gas meter, water meter, or heat meter (here referred to scale) , so it needs an independent power supply, and the number of data collector is amount to electric meter , so for the power supply, has two characteristics: high cost performance and small volume. The designing engineer can choose Mornsun LS03-05B05R2 for SIP encapsulation, small volume, higher cost performance.


SIP with small volume High cost performance UL ,CE certification Horizontal and vertical are optional.