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EMI Filter

This series feature compact size and cost effective, and  are suitable for analog circuit which is noise-sensitive and can greatly improve its EMI performance
Series Vin (VDC)Operating TemperatureAttenuation RatePackageDimension (mm)Supporting Power SupplyEMI Level3D Impression Drawing (.stp)Data-sheetSampleBuy
0~80VDC -40~85℃ 20dB DIP/chassis/Din-Rail 25.4*25.4*11.7(DIP) DC/DC EN 55022/Class B - - - -
FI-B03D 0~80 -55~85℃ 20dB DIP 25.4x25.4x11.7 DC-DC EN 55022/Class B
FI-B03DA2S 0~80 -55~85℃ 20dB chassis 76.00x31.50x25.80 DC-DC EN 55022/Class B
FI-B03DA4S 0~80 -55~85℃ 20dB Din-Rail 76.00x31.50x21.20 DC-DC EN 55022/Class B
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