4:1 Ultra-wide Input Voltage, isolated & Regulated Output DC/DC Converter
  4:1 Ultra-wide Input Voltage, isolated & Regulated Output DC/DC Converter-- URF48xxQB-100WR3 Series

2. Introduction: 
    To meet the demand of traditional industrial control and communication industries for medium-power DC/DC power supply, MORNSUN release a new 100W DC/DC converter—URF48xxQB-100WR3 series. 
    This series feature 18-75V ultra-wide input voltage, 94% high efficiency, 1/4 brick international standard pin-out, connecting piece and heat sink package available; operating temperature ranging from -40 to +85℃, 2250VDC isolation and multiple protections, such as input under-voltage protection, output short circuit, over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature protections. They are widely used in industrial control, communication, electricity and railway industries.

3. Application:
    intermediate bus of Industrial control system, distributed power system, wireless network equipment system, medium and high power control system, and long-distance DC power supply system.


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