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High Isolation Dual Regulated Output DC/DC Converter QAU242D2G Specialized for IGBT DriverJul 17, 2018      view:

MORNSUN launched a high isolated dual regulated output DC/DC converter module QAU242D2G (patent-protection) specialized for IGBT driver, to meet the power demands of IGBT industry applications.

This QAU242D2G module has a 4:1 ultra wide input voltage range of 9-36Vdc and is primarily designed for use with standard 12V, 24V and 36V supplies in industry. The output power is 7.2W and the isolation voltage is up to 4200VAC due to its inside reinforced insulation design. Thanks to its wide -40 to +105°C operating temperature range and encapsulated design, this QAU242D2G module is suitable for low and high temperature environment. Protections for input under-voltage protection, over–voltage protection, output continuous circuit protection (self-recovery) are also included.

The QAU242D2G module also has an international standard package and excellent compatibility, which is an ideal choice for applications in universal converter, AC servo drive system, electric welding machine and uninterruptible power supply (UPS). 

Ultra Wide input voltage range (4:1)
▶ High efficiency up to 85%
▶ Input-Output Isolation voltage: 4.2kVAC
▶ Output-Output Isolation voltage: 3.0kVAC
▶ Operating temperature range: -40℃ to +105℃
▶ Input under-voltage protection, output short-circuit protection, output over-voltage protection, output over-load protection
▶ No-load operation allowed
▶ Reinforced Insulation design


Please refer to the technical manual for specific product parameters:     QAUxx

Product Number:

Series Vin (VDC) Operating Temperature Positive Output (VDC) Negative Output (VDC) Iout (A) Efficiency (%) Isolation (VAC) Package Features Datasheet Sample
QAU242D2G 24(9~36) -40~105℃ 24 24 150/0 85% 4200 DIP24 Input Under-voltage Protection - -
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